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There’s a natural tendency for humans to copy one another, even without realizing it. We like to be part of tribes and social communities. When we notice that our social circle is doing something, we tend to follow suit. One great way to make an offer more valuable is to show that other people are participating in it.
In terms of your classes, when you advertise, mention the number of dancers in your area. Even if the number seems small to you, it will seem large to anyone that is “hungry” for social interaction.
Join the hundreds of people in Western Washington that have already learned to dance!
Authenticity is crucial. If you lie about the numbers, you will damage your reputation, your club’s reputation, and square dancing in general.  The word “already” is significant.  It tends to trigger FOMO, the Fear Of Missing Out.
If you have to use a larger number (because your area is small/rural), use the National Square Dance convention attendance.  Yes, the number is smaller than I want it to be.  However, to one or two people looking for a new skill to learn, that number is huge.
Come see why over 3,000 people traveled to Cincinnati in 2017 for fun, fellowship, and square dancing.
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