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Millennials, generally considered those born between 1980 and 199 and America’s largest generation by population, are soon to enter their earning prime. With a majority of this generation now in the workforce, they currently command an estimated $1.3 trillion in annual consumer spending. Where will this generation direct their wallets?

A better question, where will this generation direct their free time?

An even better question, “How can we direct their free time towards modern square dancing?

Research shows that this generation values experiences and that it is increasingly spending time and money on memorable events.  This includes concerts, social events, athletic pursuits, cultural experiences, and events of all kinds. For this group, happiness in not focused on possessions or career status.

For Millennials, living a meaningful & happy life is about creating, sharing, and capturing memories earned through experiences.

FOMO, the Fear Of Missing Out, is one of the primary drivers behind Millennials’ experiential appetite.  Some studies point to it affecting to as many as 7 in 10 Millennials. In a world where life experiences are broadcast across social media, this fear drives Millennials to:

  • Show Up
  • Share
  • Engage

Sounds like a perfect match for square dancing.

As you advertise, remember scarcity and urgency.  Supplies are limited!  Act now!

In your classes, encourage engagement. This provides social proof.  It will also act as a magnet for future classes.  People are more likely to trust a friend’s opinion about a product than the person trying to sell it to us. Social proof is like getting a product vouched for by a few hundred or thousand of our closest friends, even if we’ve never met them.

Promote the experience. not the product.  Yes, people that learn to dance can, well, dance.  However, that’s not what we need to sell.  What we need to sell is the experience.  Does your club do other extra-curricular activities?  (If not, they should.  When you do, post it on social media.)

People (not just Millennials) have a natural tendency to want to be invited to exclusive groups.  Exclusivity can result in more loyalty, as well as inspire the fear of missing out. The thought that something is exclusive will make users more interested in signing up.  This topic warrants a more attention in its own blog post, but, for now, this means square dancing is not for everyone.  Many try to sell it as an activity that anyone can do.  That’s not true.  Some people have a aptitude for it other’s don’t.  The trick is to avoid excluding anyone while, at the same time, recognizing that dancers are learning a new skill, one that few have.

People don’t want to miss out on anything, so make sure they know why they don’t want to miss out on learning to square dance.

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