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On my computer (as I stopped using records 15+ years ago), all of my music is sorted by the name of the song.  However, a design decision (that I don’t fully understand) by a caller that wrote a computer program to play music, has mp3 and lyric filenames that start with the label and number.

SD Cue Sheets sorted by Name (Zip File)

Searching for Act Naturally would look like this:

  • GMP 901 – Act Naturally.html
  • LO 1214 – Act Naturally.html
  • RWH 158 – Act Naturally.html
  • SL 117 – Act Naturally.html
  • TKR 18 – Act Naturally.html

In my collection they look like this:

  • Act Naturally-GMP-901.html
  • Act Naturally-LO-1214.html
  • Act Naturally-RWH-158.html
  • Act Naturally-SL-117.html
  • Act Naturally-TKR-18.html

When I started calling, to make my life a little bit easier, I changed the file names one at a time as needed.  This is, in a word, tedious.  Tedium being the mother of invention, I wrote some code (using Python 3) to rename all the cue sheets that I’ve collected from various locations so that I can use them.

A link to the archive is above.  I did not write/compose/create them.  I’ve simply adapted other people’s effort’s to make them more useful to me.  I’ve also fixed a few of them because they had some non-printable characters in the names.

I should add that these are not all of the cue sheets I have.  This is just my first pass.  I have a number of them that need some TLC before I can include them.  Some are PDF files.  (Challenging but not impossible.) I’m also in the process of converting these HTML files into other versions.  I’m going to make a set using Markdown (similar to HTML), plain text, and a set without the square dancing choreography/figures.  (Sometimes, I just need to know the lyrics.)

Feel free to share.  They are available “as is.”  I make no claim to authorship, ownership, or battleship.  There is no warranty stated or implied.  Use at your own risk or enjoyment.  If you have a set of cue sheets that are not included here, feel free to email them to me and I’ll try to get them into my next batch.

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