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This past summer, Laura and I attended a couple of dances that left me shaking my head. If politeness was measured on a spectrum, what I saw fell between inconsiderate and rude.

The issues were twofold. First, the loud talking on (near) the dance floor by people when we’re dancing. It was so loud that hearing the caller and cuer was a challenge. This was true even when were we dancing near the stage/speakers. Attempts to turn up the volume made everything louder and, at times, painful.

I, as much as anyone, understand that Square Dancing is a social activity. Have your conversations. However, do it in a place that shows consideration to the people around you.

The second issue was people standing in the middle of the dance floor during *both* the squares and rounds. Seriously? Why do I (why does anyone) have to dance around people like this?

Common sense cannot be legislated. However, it can be modeled. Be the change you want to see in the universe. Want more dancers that are fun to dance with and respectful of your space? Then have fun and dances and show your respect for the other dancers on the floor, the caller, and the cuer.

The dance you save may, very well, be your own.

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