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I once met a caller that *said* he used every call on the Basic and Mainstream call list every night that he called. I did my best to make some small talk around this discussion and then, when I could I politely excused myself and moved to another conversation elsewhere in the room.

To me, what makes choreography interesting is not the number of calls but, rather, how well they are used. Using nearly 70 calls in a 2-3 hours dance means that dancers get no chance to spend any “quality time” with the moves. It’s like visiting Disneyland by driving by in a car and waving.

Degrees of difficulty can be achieved in a number of ways; some intricate, others not. I like to, when given the opportunity, pick a call or two and spend some quality time with them in an evening. It doesn’t have to be fancy. A little variety goes a long way.

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