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There’s an old saying, “You have a choice; you can be right or you can be happy.”

Likewise, in square dancing, you have a choice, you can touch hands as often as possible or your square can break down.

Yes, *you* might know how to do the calls. However, does everyone have your ability? Maybe. Maybe, not.

Touching hands isn’t about *you*, it’s about everyone’s success. (Or, everybody’s failure.)

One of the most common modules/routines in modern square dancing is:

Swing Thru, Spin the Top, [Boys move up] Right and Left Thru

I could call a similar sequence and remove the hand-touching:

Swing Thru, Spin the Top, [Boys move up] Pass Thru, Partner Trade

The choreographic result is exactly the same. However, the degree of difficulty goes up dramatically and the corresponding amount of success goes down.

Touching hands gives you and everyone in your square and anchor. It is a reference point and increases your chances of success dramatically.

It could be something as simple as a “high five” when finishing a Scoot Back or a Circulate. Doesn’t matter. Touching hands will make you a better dancer and give the entire square more success.

The dance you save may be your own.

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