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I have probably failed at everything I really wanted to do in life.

When it comes down to it, I have found that successes and failures feel about the same. The important thing is that I tried. Sometimes, I kept trying until I learned how to be successful. You see, that’s where I learn the most. I learn from my failures. I rarely learn from my successes.

How many people suffer from the disease known as“fear of failure” that prevents them from trying new things. (Like, for example, learning to square dance?)

When you try something (anything), if (when) you fail, you are not going to go around kicking yourself and telling yourself that you are some type of loser. Instead, you will feel pretty good that you tried. You will say “There, that’s out of the way. What’s next?”

When you discover, for yourself, that success and failure are virtually the same thing, it’s very freeing.

Invite your friends and coworkers to come and learn to dance. Let them know they’ll make mistakes but that it will be in a safe space and that, nearly every day, they’ll learn or experience something new.

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