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Callerlab’s definition documents were written by callers for callers. While they can be used as a teaching reference (as they contain a lot of excellent information) it is not in your best interests to simply print out the documents and give them to your new students.

However, it is in your best interest to create a learning resource for your new (or newer) dancer that describes the actions in general terms.

You know your audience. (If you don’t, learn about them.) It doesn’t have to be exact. However, it does have to be correct.

There are times the definitions documents contain extra information not needed by callers or dancers.

One of my favorite examples of this is in the Advanced program. Pages 2 and 3 contain references to a “Galaxy formation.” However, there is no call in the Advanced program that uses this formation specifically. There is no Galaxy Circulate, Switch to a Galaxy, or other similar call. It’s a mystery to me why references to this exist. As callers, we’re trying to be concise (and precise) and things like this detract from our credibility. So, it is a little embarrassing.

Take a few moments, every week, while you’re teaching and create a little set of reminders of how a call works. It is okay to include information as to how a call *does not* work. Your dancers, of all programs and levels of ability, will appreciate it.

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