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Every caller should learn how to cue Phase 2 Rounds.

(Of course, this means that every caller should learn to Round Dance.)

Learning to be a Round Dance Cuer (not necessarily be able to teach it) will improve your calling.

When you cue a Round Dance (of any Phase/Rhythm) you have to give the cue one measure in advance of when dancers need it. Too soon and the dancers might forget. Too late and the dancers will start dancing their own dance. (By dancing their own dance I mean “walk off the dance floor.”)

Round Dance Cuers have their own term for those that cue on the measure where dancers need it, Confirmation Cuers. This is when the cuer reminds you of what you have already (hopefully) done.

Learning the Cue will help you give square dancers the first beat of a musical phrase. It is *too* easy to take it for yourself. However, if you give the dancers the first beat of the phrase, you will make them feel (and look) good.

Dancers might not tell you, in so many words, how good it feels. However, they will come back tip after tip, night after night, because they’re having fun and feeling great!

The dance you save might just be your own.

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