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In my previous post, I talked about Left Touch 1/4. If you don’t know where this call ends, you have to wait and see what it looks like and depend on the dancers to *all* get it right. (Not only get it right but get it right the *first* time.)

Instead, you, as a square dance leader, should know where the calls you’re going to use start and end.

If I’m in a Zero Box (in an 8 Chain Thru formation with dancers looking at their Corners), a Left Touch 1/4 ends in Left Handed Ocean Waves with the Girls looking In and the Boys looking Out.

Preparation provides you, as a caller the opportunity to know what could come next.

This is a great way to set up Walk and Dodge and have the Girl walk. (It’s no secret that callers let Boys do far too much of the heavy lifting.)

  • Left Touch 1/4
  • Walk and Dodge (Prompt: “Girls are Walking!)

Then what?

You’ve got motion, use inertia to propel the action ever further. Think of it like “Square Dance Caller Judo” and use the motion of the dancers to compel their actions.

Wheel Around (Prompt: “Girls are still Walking!”) Note: Calling Wheel Around *cold* will often break down the first time. I usually put this in some patter as to act as a reminder.

Keep them moving and… Flutterwheel! (Prompt: “Keep going Girls!”)

If you have checkers, have a look at this sequence so far. What will Zero it out? Either a Slide Thru or a Star Thru.

The result is that I’ve built a Zero Module that uses one of my review calls for an evening and it is short enough that, if dancers bobble it, I can recover quickly to an Allemande Left.

  • Left Touch 1/4
  • Walk and Dodge
  • Wheel Around
  • Flutterwheel
  • Slide Thru

This sequence is gender dependent. It will only work if I have “Normal Couples” in a box. This is a just starting point.

There are no shortcuts to success. Not for you, not for dancers.

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